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This statement of purpose has been published in order to outline aims and principles that will be used to define the ABYSS brand over the course of 2018. To mark the start of a new year we believe it’s important to have not only private targets but also a publicly listed set of concise aims and objectives. In addition to our existing backcatalog of digital releases, 2018 will see the launch of our brand new vinyl catalog and our new | FEATURES documentaries, articles, mixes, reviews and more as well as additional projects such as ABYSS X, our custom portal for artists and affiliates.



In order to deliver this content in a usable and engaging format we have spent the last 12 months rebuilding our entire online network, making connections with established artists, labels, event organisers and media agencies and building and developing our content management strategies so that we can now deliver relevant content via our social networks as well as via email and desktop notifications. Over the coming months we will be uploading new and engaging content and best of all, it’s all free.



As with everything we do, quality takes ultimate priority. As Henry Ford once said “Quality is doing it right, even when no-one is looking.” – this philosophy is an early iteration of the principles we enforce on the ABYSS brand and any subsequent projects today. Before going live, all ABYSS projects under-go thorough testing and quality control analysis to ensure that our followers receive accurate information through a unique creative perspective with unrivalled attention to detail.

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