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Jack Vanstone

It’s been just over a year since we dropped our first vinyl release featuring Rommek, Yuji Kondo Snitch and Michal Jablonski, a range of artists which have inspired the ABYSS project and contributed towards an increasingly distinctive sound.

Over the course of the last 16months we’ve been hard at work conceptualising and developing our second instalment of our physical catalog. Drawing inspiration from the concept of ‘relative disparity’ – where several factors vary greatly whilst remaining relative to each other, tying the mathematical concept into our holistic aim of enabling variance through continuity.

Unlike our first vinyl release, very few factors were left up to chance. We knew what we were looking for and what we had in mind both in terms of music and across the release’s aesthetics.

Starting with the ‘relative disparity’ concept we sought after music from several artists which we admire, including the now featured Positive Centre, VALENTIN, Tapefeed and NX1.

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As Positive Centre, Mike has delivered an incredible introduction to ABYSS 002 | Relative Disparity with his subtle yet raw contribution to the release entitled ‘Lilith’. Progressing forwards with variety and continuity in equal measure the release flows through VALENTIN’s ‘Deny’ featuring the talented vocals of Lea Maria Fries which have been warped to create ethereal voluptuous pads and atmospheres.

Slamming in on the B-side are London based duo Tapefeed comprised of Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo. After featuring in the ABYSS Presents mix series they delivered on months of hard work with the perfect track to set the stage for B1 of the release.

The final point of contention across the relative disparity spectrum is PHFT 4 by non-other than NX1 who have delivered a defined and powerful 4/4 club focused gem to round off the concept and the EP in style.

Each of the artists on the release represent parts of our collective appreciation of Techno music as the ABYSS team and showcases an ever expanding and evolving direction for the ABYSS project.

For our second VA vinyl release we wanted to maintain the consistency of abstract textures in the artwork whilst increasing the resolution and depth of the imagery to reflect the additional depth to the ABYSS project that has increased significantly since the first vinyl release.

With a timeline running from late 2018 to mid 2019 the release has taken around 9 months to conceptualise, develop and deliver – but has left us with a final product that we are immensely proud of. Distribution for the release is by industry favourite Ready Made Distribution, and will be available via all of the main record stores both online and on the ground.

Listen to ABYSS 002 | Relative Disparity below.