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Jack Vanstone

Back at it again with those wonky grooves, Berlin based producer Thomas Schetter also known as Snitch delivers 2 more killer originals that define a sound that is as lucid as it is chunky.

Snitch returns to the ABYSS catalog in style this time with his first solo release on the label, entitled ‘Contract From Below’, featuring 2 originals ‘Contract From Below‘ and ‘Bolts‘ with 2 very different but equally intriguing remixes from polish producer Violent and London based Rommek.

It’s been a little over a year since we last featured the Techno German on the ABYSS catalog when he contributed to our first vinyl release with ‘Mechanical Waves’ on ABYSS 001 | Envisioned Disorder.

Over recent years we have seen Snitch’s sound change and develop in many ways but at the same time there is a sense of professional familiarity in his creative works and the broken yet somehow still 4/4 nature of his music has an audible signature like no other.

ABY014 | Snitch – Contract From Below is only the 2nd ever artist EP to grace our digital catalog and it symbolises the continuance of a new direction, following on from our first artist release that featured another Berlin based ABYSS artist, Valentin Mase.

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Having been a member of the ABYSS family for some time now, Snitch’s sound also resembles the ABYSS sound, comprising of rhythmical percussive elements and vibe setting textures.

‘Contract From Below’ chugs along with a unique melodic pluck and swung out drums and this is offset against ‘Bolts’ which drives forwards with similar ferocity to another one of Snitch’s previous ABYSS masterpieces ‘Ronk’.

Alongside the originals, Violent has delivered a club focused creeper to push the dancefloor forwards with his remix of ‘Bolts’ and this is backed off onto Rommek’s crazy and stylised take of ‘Contract From Below’ which showcases his incredible artistry.

Making the perfect next additional to our ABY Catalog and with even more to come from Snitch over the coming years, we’re proud to represent his latest creative works on the second ABYSS release of 2019. Keep your ears to the ground for more from Snitch.

Listen to ABY014 – Contract From Below below.