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Jack Vanstone

We begin 2019 in familiar territory. Slamming back into the flow with our digital catalog by curating a 4 track Various Artist’s EP featuring Reticent, Valentin Mase, Alxndr James and A.Morgan.

It’s been around 8 months since our most recent release which also featured Berlin based artist Valentin Mase and during this time we’ve reorganised our release scheduling to ensure that we can deliver powerful collections of music on a more frequent basis.

Inline with our improved organisation, RESURGENCE depicts a side to the ABYSS sound that has been lacking in recent years, with 4/4 dance floor focused tracks that represent a style that will become more common throughout 2019.

Unlike other releases before it, RESURGENCE resembles a clear and defined cut off point in the ABYSS timeline – encompassing the story so far and deriving many of the same influences as previous releases, whilst simultaneously bringing things into a new era.

In order to achieve a delicate balance of old and new, we’ve combined the new sound of British, Berlin based producer Reticent with our most recent new artist Valentin Mase; one of our founding members Alxndr James and one of our longest standing friends and artists A.Morgan.

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For the first EP of the year, ABY013 | RESURGENCE showcases 4 originals, ‘Apostasy’ by Reticent, ‘Breaking Promises’ by Valentin Mase, ‘Linear Displacement’ by Alxndr James and ‘Delusions’ by A.Morgan.

Each track depicts the core style of each artist and resembles the breadth of creativity that each producer brings to the forefront of their discographies.

Whilst remaining inline with our ethos of maintaining congruent and logically balanced releases, our first release of the year also solidifies the main value that our digital catalog represents by being primarily focused on the most essential factor, good music.

RESURGENCE is only the first page of a sustained and developed release schedule that will evolve throughout the duration of 2019, but it represents the re-birth of our digital catalog that will continue to grow through our origins and into uncharted territory.

Listen to ABY013 – Resurgence below.