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Jack Vanstone

Enter stage left, the young German talent based in Berlin, Valentin Kellein aka Valentin Mase. Joining the ABYSS catalog for the first time with our first ever artist EP, his ABYSS debut ‘Blood Saga’ features three killer original productions and a massive remix from Serbian talent Razbibriga.

Growing up in Berlin, Valentin began his introduction into Electronic Music at an early age as he developed a passion for unique soundscapes. As his sound has developed, his deliberate focus on a stylised auditory experience has lead to an identifiable auditory signature depicted through a collection of perfectly matched and individualistic sounds.

He combines cinematic atmospheres and complex rhythms; initially influenced by breakbeat Techno from the early 2000s, his music regularly features dystopian landscapes with dusty old school audible aesthetics.

He started his career back in late 2017 with an outstanding release entitled ‘Sky Turned Red’ on the legendary Planet Rhythm record label, which was closely followed by his second release ‘Military Lies’, another digital EP on established label Archivio 01. Thoughout his creative works, listeners experience enticing frictions between the brutal and the beautiful and a creation of physical and vivid feelings delivered through an authentic soundtrack.

It was his uniqueness and professional production qualities that first drew our attention to Valentin and his music. Our initial aim was to establish a connection and to build on our working relationship in order to work towards collaborations in the future, but after only a brief period of discussion it became clear that this wasn’t your average professional encounter.

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Our existing catalog paints a deceptively linear picture by illustrating a propensity to veer towards Various Artist releases, something which has long been based on our original aim of building our repertoire and growing our internal network. Recently however, we’ve been focusing on more existential goals including a new focus on expanding our content streams and diversifying our catalog to feature artist EP’s, collaboration EP’s, LP’s, albums and more.

We started with Various Artist releases so that we could build a strong backcatalog of tracks alongside a network of producers. Over the past three years we’ve been aiming to tell a clear story through our digital catalog, from the humble and distant origins of ABY001 all the way through to our current resting place, ABY012. The story so far has transpired through a combination of the incredible individual artists that culminate to form our previous releases and through the collective creative curation of myself and the ABYSS team.

2018 is a year of diversification for the label and although the wait for an alternative slant on our project has been overdue in parts, we truly could not imagine a better way to begin the label’s artist EP’s than with an artist as talented as Valentin.

ABY012 | Valentin Mase – Blood Saga, showcases three original productions that define a shared soundscape between artist and label, paired with the raw talent of Serbian born producer Milos Grebovic, aka Razbibriga who has delivered a surreal dancefloor focused remix of Valentin’s ‘She Glanced at the Hazy Sky’.

Listen to ABY012 – Blood Saga below.