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Jack Vanstone

Our next guest needs no introduction, Japan’s own Yuji Kondo takes to the ABYSS Presents | Mix Series with unique style, combining influences spanning multiple genres that demonstrate the breadth and depth of his taste and musical preferences.

Beginning with releases such as his collaboration with industry stalwart Sawf on Perc Trax back in 2013 and his remix of ‘Hound Scales – A Clique of Tough Women’ in the same year, Yuji has illustrated a defined sound palette since his inception into the Techno scene.

Detailing rhythmic movement and unmatched atmospheric textures with ease, Yuji transverses the line between difference and relevancy like no artist that has gone before him.

Yuji first caught our attention with his second Perc Trax release which was published back in 2014; entitled ‘Radiate The Ocean From My Back’ this release featured a stand out production and team favourite of ours ‘Unvanquishable Number’.

Next up for Yuji’s release catalog was a contribution to a Various Artists release packed full of killer tracks released on the renowned Dutch imprint Leyla. Headed by Techno titan Chafik Chennouf this imprint brings some of the best artists work to the forefront of raw stylistic Techno, including the likes of Manni Dee, VSK, Lucy, Positive Centre and the label boss himself Chafik Chennouf.

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Progressing into this year in true style, Yuji stomped into 2018 with yet more power under his belt. Starting out with a dance floor killer for Inner Surface Music, which has played host to the likes of JK Flesh, Grey Brances and Ryuji Takeuchi – Yuji then went on to release another defining production on the first ABYSS vinyl release out in March 2018.

His contribution to our vinyl catalog ‘Yuji Kondo – Tonal Disturbance’ showcases all of the qualities that we value the most in his style and creativity, separating intriguing textural planes and atonal frequencies with ease and creating deep cavernous trenches that lay bear the implicit transient dynamics that his work is known for.

With a back catalog that is rich and diverse, Yuji has been delivering individual artistic masterpieces on a regular basis for several years and has embedded much of his signature sound into collective projects too, including his now retired project with Katsunori Sawa, which they fronted under the alias ‘Steven Porter’.

Outside of his productions, Yuji also operates one of the industries most noted independent labels ’10 Label’ which has hosted artists such as Steven Porter, Sawlin and Ancient Methods.

Yuji’s creative works are highly professional and uniquely stylised throughout, delivering contextually relevant audiovisual arts in distinctive patterns comes as second nature to him and his continued contribution to the industry is something we hope continues for years to come. For a truly unique hour of the ABYSS Presents | Mix Series, dive into AP018 – Yuji Kondo below:

Listen to Yuji Kondo’s ABYSS Presents mix below.