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Jack Vanstone

Berlin born and bred – Valentin Kellein takes the substantial form of Valentin Mase, a producer who’s defined sound is as rough as it is smooth.

Professionally executed from start to finish, his music embodies many of his early influences; from the deep cavernous trenches of Techno veteran Regis to the driven percussive roll of the enticingly illusive Loktibrada.

Notable releases for Valentin include his solo EP on famed Dutch record label Planet Rhythm; entitled ’Sky Turned Red’ his first solo EP featured 4 defining tracks for the young German producer back in November 2017. Closely followed only a few months later by another release on ArchivOne’s Archivio 01 imprint which delivered heavier, more club focused variations of his unique sound palette.

We touched on how we met Valentin in a previous feature for his killer contribution to our digital catalog, ‘ABY012 | Valentin Mase – Blood Saga’.

Showcasing 3 originals that define as much of Valentin as they do ABYSS and a thunderous remix from Serbian born talent Razbibriga, ABY012 – Blood Saga sets a clear and undeniable precedent for the strength of our relationship with an artist that embodies many of the same creative principles as we do.

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The stage was set for our first real world encounter, in June 2018 we had the opportunity to invite Valentin over to Manchester for an intimate event at our local record store Eastern Bloc Records.

In the middle of a summer heatwave, the heat on the dance floor was real – supplied in part by the weather and in part by Valentin, he delivered a stand out set that defined the evening.

Over the course of the weekend we spent some down time talking about creativity, art and culture and his influences, future focuses and his ideas for a new and more raw moniker for his productions.

What’s striking about Valentin are his deeply ingrained artistic values and how he conveys his vision for his creative works. Illustrating just a small fragment of this vision, Valentin takes the reins for our seventeenth hour of the ABYSS Presents | Mix Series.

Listen to Valentin Mase’s ABYSS Presents mix below.