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Jack Vanstone

Creating vast cavernous trenches and atmospheric bleeds to form indescribable audio landscapes is American born producer Ryan Malony, who explores textural landscapes under the renowned pseudonym, Uun.

Originally emerging from Kansas and now based out of downtown Detroit, Uun found his way into music through his involvement in several bands for which he used to perform on guitar.

In 2012 Uun transversed into the Techno community due to a love for the darkness and exploration of different moods that comes hand in hand with the genre.

Although he has been producing and performing since 2012, last year saw Uun’s profile rise substantially, with releases on Mord, Dynamic Reflection, No Future But What We Make, as well as Ego Death.

Further to his achievements through his release discography, Uun has also performed his Live perfromance on the only two USA Mord dates so far and has played alongside names such as Bas Mooy, Fiedel, Ben Sims, Ansome, Headless Horseman and more.

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2018 also saw Uun’s steady output of productions being included in many substantial dj sets, with the most noteworthy being through Blawan’s BBC – Essential Mix and Ectomorph’s Resident Advisor podcast.

Back in 2016, Uun founded his own imprint as a platform to showcase the diversity of his productions. Entitled ‘Ego Death’, the label explores themes of existentialism, duality, and what it means to be an artist in the modern era.

Uun is also involved in the label and event series Modern Cathedrals; known for their eerie broken beat techno and events which they operate under the name Eden. While starting out as a Detroit based outfit, this collective is now hosting events abroad, the first of which was hosted at Griessmuehle, Berlin back in January 2019.

Never one to be complacent, 2019 will see the release of Uun’s most ambitious projects yet, with solo outings on Mord, Dynamic Reflection, Ego Death, as well as a few other label debuts. So buckle in for an hour of ABYSS Presents that reflects the sound and raw talent of the incredible Uun.

Listen to Uun’s ABYSS Presents mix below.