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Jack Vanstone

Forming the unique profile of Torn Relics, Romek Boyer and partner Aimée Ní Mhaolaín deliver cinematic atmospheres drenched in orchestral tones which are underpinned by demonising, thumping drums.

Torn Relics emerged as a way for the duo to express their collective artistry by combining the new, dark and cinematic sound of Rommek with the classical and ethereal influence that Aimée brings to the collaboration.

Kicking off their discography in style is their debut EP entitled ‘The Poisoned Chalice’. Released on SNTS’ label, this 4 track EP showcases the depth and darkness of their sound and features a classically powerful and thumping remix from SNTS alongside a 5th digital bonus track.

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Over the course of previous months, Torn Relics have graced venues across the UK including Electroworkz in London alongside OAKE and Grebenstein for Dazed & Confused and at one of our favourite local Manchester venues, The White Hotel.

Future performances for the duo are already in the pipeline for summer 2019, with the duo playing live over the coming months in Bulgaria, Poland, London and further out into Europe.

With such a unique and juxtaposed sound between modern and futuristic soundscapes and classical, historical string influences – the opportunity to watch Torn Relics live is not one to be missed.

For now, Romek and Aimée have delivered on a very special 90 minutes of the ABYSS Presents series for your enjoyment. Dive into another world with ABYSS Presents | Torn Relics.

Listen to the Torn Relic’s ABYSS Presents mix below.