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Jack Vanstone

Italian born Alessandro Boni & Rick Vayo culminate to form the dynamic and illustrious alias of Tapefeed, a duo who’s unique sound depicts raw atmospheric landscapes drenched in synthetic excellence.

The pair who are now based out of London, UK, have been developing and refining their craft for several years, bringing as much in individualistic production as they do to their performances across the ever expanding global Techno scene.

Back in 2017, Tapefeed released their first vinyl EP entitled ‘Dawn On The Eclipse’ on Metempsychosis Records, an independent imprint founded by industry elites Flaminia and End Train, which kickstarted a year that launched Tapefeed into the spotlight with bookings at venues such as Printworks (London) Tresor and About Blank (Berlin) as well as Gem Fest (Georgia) and Elsewhere in New York City.

2017 was also the year that Tapefeed’s behind-the-scenes creative processes took a huge leap forwards, with the transformation of their audio-visual project Tales Collective, a venture that has been developed alongside their historical collaborators Ossa di Mare with whom they now share a Superstition residency at Village Underground.

Combing their creative flair with years of experience and dedication to both audio production and the events scene as a whole, Alessandro and Rick are paving a path to an unrivalled future within the Techno community.

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Let’s reset to March 2017, when our ears first pulsated to the brilliant resonance of ‘Auction, for our team this was Tapefeed’s defining production that drew in equal proportion from our preference for organic broken rhythms whilst feeding our ingrained desire for systematic structure and arrangement.

Listening from the kitchen and in mono only through a single M-Audio monitor was still enough to create a truly unquestionable moment of unwavering doubt that illustrated the soon to be rise of Tapefeed.

Since then, the duo have gone on to release massive originals and remixes including those on their own imprint Tales Collective, such as the incredible ‘End Train – Hypnosis (Tapefeed Remix).

This episode of ABYSS Presents marks the start of a working relationship between ourselves as individuals, the label and Tapefeed. Over the coming months and years our shared vision and passion for professionalism within the industry will drive a collective force to be reckoned with.

For the next hour of ABYSS Presents, Alessandro and Rick aka. Tapefeed take you on an evolving, sonic journey of Techno mastery.

Photography: Kurø