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Andre Jones

With an illustrious and heavily active musical career spanning almost two decades, countries, and a variety of roles – such as A&R, event hosting, label management, and DJing – Quail is a master of delivering and curating techno music to Scotland’s dedicated scene and beyond.

A native resident of Glasgow, he has been a key figure in his local dance music community and is now taking steps into a wider arena; with part of this involvement seeing Quail take on the roles of Press, Distribution, and A&R management for the globally renowned record label, Soma Records, with whom he has been affiliated for the past 7-8 years.

Quail is a resident DJ of one of the finest club establishments that Glasgow has to offer – Sub Club – where he has been hosting his ‘Animal Farm’ events over the past 14 years.

Animal Farm has been a musical platform for only the highest calibre of techno parties and artists alike – seeing some of the world’s finest acts grace their lineups. An expansive & rock solid reputation for quality, as well as an enthusiastic dedication to the craft of creating memorable and interesting events, has allowed Animal Farm to book the debut Scottish tours for numerous rising techno giants such as: Dax J, Abdulla Rashim, Etapp Kyle, Rodhad, and Kobosil.

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Years of successful events led Animal Farm to make the leap towards establishing a record label as part of the brand back in 2013, as Quail is keenly intent on bringing the distinguished and expressive style of techno that lies behind the core ethos of the brand to more of a global audience.

Over the proceeding years since it’s debut launch, the Animal Farm imprint has grown to gather a dedicated cult following, transforming into a musical platform that showcases the best of UK techno.

Their eye for spotting the more eclectic, darker, and experimental type of artists within the realms of techno – ones who are coming straight out of the depths of the UK and Europe – has ensured that the Animal Farm nights are a mainstay of any serious Scottish techno fan’s calendar for those who truly crave unique, fresh, and interesting DJ sets.

Under his umbrella as a producer, Quail holds remixes for artists on labels such as Etichetta Nera, the newly formed Circular Ltd, and has more planned in future for his Animal Farm imprint. He also has contributed to the award winning Soma Records compilation, ‘Transmissions Glasgow’ with the original composition entitled ‘Blunt’.

Outside of his productions, Quail is first and foremost a seasoned DJ, and as such, can be found regularly performing sets all throughout Scotland: and more recently, has played the likes of venues such as Suicide Circus, Arena Club, and the world famous Tresor nightclub in Germany’s techno capital of Berlin alongside a string of other European appearances.

Photography: Kieran Patton