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Jack Vanstone

The early 90’s was an interesting time for Opål, growing up in Berlin during the era where Love Parade was streamed live on TV, he spent his time listening through trance CDs in his cellar.

His early days were like those of many around him, with his introduction to music at venues such as the infamous (and now closed) Bar 25, and Rechenzentrum in South Eastern Berlin. Even though his interest in music has been longstanding and ever evolving, it wasn’t until March of 2015 that he began to work on his own sound and delve into music production.

Since then, Opål has released several originals and remixes that have destroyed dance floors across the world, beginning with his first release ‘Broken Dreams’ back in April 2016 on VoxNox Records, which included the popular track ‘Delta Waves’, followed by his then-forthcoming release of ‘Pilgrim’, an EP on established record label A R T S, which would later pave the way to a future career in music.

In early 2016, Opål also graced Tresor nightclub for the first time in addition to performances in Innsbruck in Austria, Khidi club in Tbilisi, Georgia and subsequent events in Paris where he played the first warehouse party of his career.

Warehouse events spark something primal in club goers the world over and the rawness of these experiences would later go on to inform Opål’s respect for the Parisian Techno scene and their ability to party hard.

In 2017, Opål delivered sets at yet more established venues, touring nightclubs across Europe; in Copenhagen where he played alongside Bunker Bauer; at Griessmühle in Berlin; as well as Prague and again in Georgia alongside industry veteran Shlømo.

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Surplus to his bookings across Europe, he has performed at several venues throughout his home country of Germany; amidst these accomplishments is one of his most cherished memories, playing the renowned ‘Contrast’ warehouse party in Paris with Thomas P Heckmann and CI Bolland.

In sync with his rapidly increasing exposure throughout 2017 was his debut vinyl release via Swiss record label Bipolar Disorder, which features a body of music comprised of 3 hard club tracks, preluded and tailed by 2 slightly more restrained but still signature Opål compositions.

Opål’s development as an artist has been served by his continuous engagement within the community and influenced by the far darker, more raw and ever mortal side of Techno music.

Having been on our radar for some time, we decided to meet up in Berlin whilst we were there to film Keikeri [Live] for our forthcoming artist feature. We met up with Opål at a local bar called ODESSA and enjoyed an evening of good conversation all around. His instant passion for music was evident and it was nice to see that another strong relationship had been established by and because of our collective love of music.

After considerable development and networking with local and global talent Opål has established a clear identity within the scene, for the next hour of ABYSS Presents Opål showcases his incredible talent with a mix that encompasses his diverse tastes and spans decades of influence.

Listen to Opål’s ABYSS Presents mix below.