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Jack Vanstone

Introducing the Slovakian Techno veteran Dalibor Kŕč, who goes under the prominent alias of Loktibrada, relentlessly delivering crunchy, percussive and eerie audio delights.

Having contributed continuously to the industry since the mid-90’s through his joint alias with Rumenige as Olga+Jozef, Loktibrada’s discography consists of 3 decades of mind bending productions.

As Loktibrada, Dalibor has released across many established labels including Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm, Tresor, Antidandruff and Numb. When incorporating his many other aliases; DJ Dalo, Drupi, Hygenia, Kre, Vlasta Drahokoupil his productions span an even wider range of imprints.

Having amassed respect from some of the industries best imprints and creative projects, Loktibrada has appeared on the Reclaim Your City podcast managed by Rinse as well as Lost In Ether and DRONE.

Alongside his podcasts, Loktibara has produced remixes for Anton Pieete, Function, Hardcell, Mark Broom, Makaton, Takaaki Itoh, DNC, Oscar Mulero, and more.

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Dalibor is also a resident at Subclub – formerly known as U.Club and Účko – based in a military bunker deep in the heart of Bratislava, Slovakia. This 400 capacity venue has delivered some of Slovakia’s best line-ups across a broad range of genres and has been a home to Loktibrada over the last several years.

Subclub played a major role in developing the Slovakian Techno sound of artists such as Toky (Rumenige), Loktibrada and DJ Boss and serves as the base outlet for the well-known Bratislavian minimal electronic label LFB.

Outside of Slovakia, Loktibrara has performed in 10 other countries including Belgium, CZ, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Loktibrada has a following that has organic origins and that over the last few years has broadened and encompassed a diverse demographic within the Techno community.

Surplus to an increasing number of performances he has an expanse of forthcoming releases to keep an eye out for, but for now we showcase an hour of power from the Slovakian don in ABYSS Presents | Loktibrada [AP027].

Listen to the Loktibrada’s ABYSS Presents mix below.