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Jack Vanstone

Introducing one of the founding members of the OECUS project, Lorenzo Ruzzon who contributes to the Techno community in waves under the emerging alias of Lawrence Kurt.

The Italian born, Berlin based producer discovered electronic music in his teenage years and since then he has developed a passion for the underground electronic music scene.

After several years supporting artists and venues across Europe, Lorenzo decided that he wanted to own and manage his own sub-sect of Techno nightlife, which culminated in the formation of Berlin based booking agency OECUS.

As the OECUS project developed it began to absorb more talent from across Europe. Now, the agency represents artists such as Killawatt, Alderaan, Kastil and Lorenzo himself, and continues to publish additional content in the form of mixes through their various media channels.

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But it wasn’t always this way, in the beginning OECUS was simply an outlet for Lorenzo and the team that he ended up surrounding himself with. This lead the group and more specifically Lorenzo into the world of music production and paved the way for his personal future career.

Over recent years as Lawrence Kurt, Lorenzo has performed at venues such as Arena Club, Macao and The Loft, with his most recent of several performances at ://about blank. These recent performances are also backed by a solid, hard-hitting and no-nonsense Techno record with fellow OECUS partner and producer Monovsn, published as the first release on the newly launched OECUS imprint.

As the OECUS brand continues to grow and our professional relationships develop, ABYSS and OECUS plan to leave collective marks across venues in Europe and to build on a joint vision which ourselves and Lorenzo share.

Enjoy a rinse and repeat hour of Techno from Lorenzo aka. Lawrence Kurt with ABYSS Presents | Lawrence Kurt [AP030].

Photography | Ava Krohn