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Andre Jones

Lag’s sonic identity is yet another story of musical self-discovery and cross-genre growth that is becoming increasingly more common over key international countries that make up the core demographics of an global techno community.

Born and based in Serbia, Lag has been on the very forefront of the latest wave of heavy-hitters to leave their mark upon the world of gritty, teeth-grinding, and hugely banging electronic music.

The origins of Lag’s story start out with an early upbringing on gritty punk music. The influences of this genre can easily be heard ringing throughout Lag’s works – even to this day – replete with the abrasive, confrontational, and utterly raw feel that is a cornerstone of punk music.

He began by acquiring an education in classical music, but quit it all after discovering the sheer endless possibilities of creative expression available at his fingertips that both DJing and electronic music production allowed for.

Such a unique and varied mixture of sounds creates Lag’s trademark vibe: techno that pushes the boundaries of being different. He brings forth aural creations that are designed to enthral the audience’s reptilian brainstem, tracks that forcibly shift and heave listeners at their core and that provide a non-stop slavish devotion to the rhythm within.

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Over the previous 5 or so years, Lag has been working his fingers to the bone in his home studio: churning out numerous remixes for various labels and outputting releases for imprints such as MORD Records and THEM.

Way back in 2012, his remix of Grovskopa’s track ‘Atopic’ landed on a 12” vinyl release for London’s ‘Sect Records’; ever since then, Lag has managed several appearances and releases (predominantly on the Serbian label ‘Teskoba’), including the highly acclaimed release of his debut EP, Stutter, which was brought forth unto the world in 2013 by the utterly uncompromising imprint: Singularity Recordings.

Lag’s small, yet increasingly distinguished back catalogue now includes a variety of EP’s, releases and singles – with his 2016’s ‘Unrest’ single on the record label ‘THEM’ being a particularly noteworthy example of his “take no prisoners” approach to a hot and heavy electronic bombardment style of techno.

Strewn through a vast list of previous performances are a selection of highlights in Lag’s DJ career, including his set at Exit Festival’s main stage, and more recently, gracing the decks of Berlin’s legendary Tresor nightclub in mid September.

Anyone lucky enough to witness Lag’s prowess behind the decks at any of the number of gigs he’s previously performed at can attest to his ability to engage nightclub or festival patrons including at his own events which he has organised and promoted under the umbrella brand of his organisation: 29524.

His unbridled and passionate delivery of electronic music leaps forth through the speakers and into the listener’s ear, and based on his rapidly growing global following and incredibly flourishing musical career: Lag is one artist that is most definitely wedging a foot in the door of the world’s confronting, no holds barred, heavy techno scene.

Listen to Lag’s ABYSS Presents mix below.