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Andre Jones

Jose Ángel aka Joton, is a Spanish techno artist whose futuristic and surgically-precise productions and DJ mixes serve to highlight the rapidly changing face of Mediterranean techno: a sound that has increasingly become darker, more intense in its use of hypnotic melody and that has been shifting towards raw analogue grit as of late.

Similar artists who have been flying the Spanish flag of dance floor dominion alongside Joton include such names as: Oscar Mulero, Kalter Ende, Kwartz, and Regal. Among the increasingly wide collection of countries Joton has performed in, reside dozens of the most influential techno hotspots, including Italy, the UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Austria, France, Argentina, Georgia, Greece, and Russia.

In an effort to evolve and progress within the ever growing technological landscape of the modern DJ era, Joton has shifted away from the traditional format of vinyl, and has instead begun to utilize and incorporate digital formats and technology into his DJ performances.

This adaptation of digital technology enables him to enrich his mixes with creative methods and tools that are more intrinsic to a production mindset, allowing him to and deliver a performance that is not only dynamically linked to the energy of the immediate dance floor, but also more rhythmically complex and carefully layered in textures and atmosphere.

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Not one to be content with merely producing and mixing music, Joton has spent the last 13 years running his own imprint ‘New Rhythmic’ Records: a Spanish-based label that showcases the best and brightest releases by both local and international acts across the globe. Founded in February 2005, releases from New Rhythmic have received lots of positive acclaim and support from a wide range of techno heavyweights, such as: Truncate, Ben Sims, Rodhad, Dave Clarke, Hiyama Go, DVS1, Surgeon, and Ben Sims.

The publication of Joton’s debut album in 2015, ‘Casting Out Nines’, was well received by a broad audience and became one of the focal points of his career. The album was launched across 3 continents in 10 different countries and was considered to be one of that year’s best long-format releases by many critics. ‘Casting Out Nines’ garnered a handful of glowingly positive reviews by not only trade press, but mainstream music publications too, and thus firmly established Joton as a major player within the global techno community going forwards.

In 2017 the world saw the release of Joton’s second greatest project to date, named ‘R3silient’, which was a trilogy of vinyl dedicated to his return to primitive, pure, and raw techno experimentation – harking back to the very roots of the genre itself. As for his most recent work: the 4 track EP ‘Antioquìa’ landed hard at the start of June 2018, on the established German record label ‘Odd Even’.

Antioquìa is straight forward and visceral in its modular & metallic approach to surgically programmed techno sounds, and injects some energetic, ethereal, and rave-influenced vibes throughout – giving a coherent and balanced mixture between raw focused energy and abrasive analogue grit.

The vinyl version is a high quality pressing (cut and mastered by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering) with outstanding conceptual artwork which features a cover picture by Salar Kheradpejouh and other designs by Markus Suckut. Antioquìa EP is available for purchase right now as both a 140g 12” vinyl hard copy and digital formats.

Listen to Joton’s ABYSS Presents mix below.