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Andre Jones

Tim van Paradijs – aka ‘Invite’ – is a renowned DJ, label owner, and producer based out of Utrecht, Holland. For the past two decades, Tim has maintained a steadfast and enthusiastic dedication to the art and craft of electronic music production and mixing.

Although he has a love of experimentation across a variety of differing types of abstract techno and electronica: the primary foundation for the majority of his works are built on the minimalistic styles that were a hallmark of the 1990’s era of techno.

When locked away in the confines of his home studio, Invite applies a sparse mixture of recording and production techniques, which give rise to his unique (and somewhat hybrid) approach to sound design.

By combining the older & more traditional analogue studio hardware alongside the most recent recording and post-processing methods, his works maintain the sleek and clean power of modern-day & club oriented techno – whilst keeping the raw and gritty vibe that is intrinsic to 90’s era techno and rave genres.

To elaborate further, in his own words: “It is not about me. In the end, it is all about the dance floor. If people dance, I return home a happy man.”

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Invite is a veritable non-stop machine when it comes to performing, having DJed at festivals, events, and club nights all over the world. The list of host countries Invite has toured thus far is not only lengthy, but also impressive and includes: Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Argentina, Russia, Georgia, and his home country of the Netherlands – among several others.

In 2015 Invite launched his record label, ‘Invite’s Choice Records’, with a big part of the conceptual formation of the project being a voice that allows him to spread his love of electronic music. Illustrating his full creative and stylistic control over who releases on the label, he is able to sign well known artists who have a style and sound that closely relate to his own, but also those of new and up and coming artists too.

Adding to this, Invite has run a variety of label showcases that bring together his diverse roster of artists, allowing club patrons to witness their varied approaches to (and styles of) techno over the course of a single event.

Operating under the same bracket as ‘Invite’s Choice’ is the highly acclaimed and long-running podcast series which is still going strong since its inception 7 years ago and has a gigantic list of previous artists that have been featured, such as: Dax J, Endlec, Ness, Drumcell, and Kwartz – just to name a few. 

Adhering to his enduring, proactive and dedicated work ethic, the last five years has seen Invite pump out numerous high-calibre techno remixes, tracks, and EP’s on both his own record label and several other critically acclaimed creative outlets.

As Invite’s first of only as few podcasts this year, we’re proud to share our 10th episode of ABYSS Presents with such as talented individual and creative. For the next hour of ABYSS Presents we showcase Invite’s breadth of industry experience with a dancefloor focused mix that just keeps on giving.

Listen to Invite’s ABYSS Presents mix below.