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Jack Vanstone

In a sector of the industry as tight knit as the underground Techno scene, they don’t come much bigger than Peter Kuschnereit, the critically acclaimed DJ & producer who’s inception into the scene began almost 30 years ago.

Emerging as a DJ in the pioneering days of the Berlin scene during the late 80’s he joined renowned HardWax in 1991, before going on to make his name with his first release on Chain Reaction in 1995, a sub-label of the Basic Channel imprint.

Also hailed for his bilateral alias of Substance, DJ Pete has a back catalogue of highly influential productions and an impressive string of remixes for pivotal Techno artists such as Regis, Kessell, Orphx, Robert Hood and Shed among many others.

As DJ Pete, Peter has earned similar respect behind the decks, combining highly individual yet refined mixing skills with both his vast encyclopaedic type knowledge of Techno history and an unquenchable thirst for new music.

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DJ Pete’s lauded signature style also expands into his numerous experiences as part of the cherished live acts of TR-101 (an improvisational live act in collaboration with industry don Sleeparchive), Scion (either with or without vocalist Paul St. Hilaire), and gigs with many other likeminded innovators.

His performances are always delivering an array of programming, sequencing, layering and live effects that go well beyond the mere presentation of existing compositions.

Staying true to one of Techno’s original mantras, innovations in sound and technology are intuitively employed to achieve a dance floor sensation that manages to involve the crowd on a variety of audiovisual and existential levels.

Defining his place in history as one of the worlds most sought after talents, Peter embodies the role of one of the industries Techno veterans and has seen more evolution within the scene than your average club going comrade.

With his experience in music spanning three decades and having featured a track selection history that puts most experts to shame, DJ Pete has curated an enigmatic array of tracks for episode 33 of the ABYSS Presents series.

Listen to DJ Pete’s ABYSS Presents mix below.