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Jack Vanstone

Sliding into our next instalment of the ABYSS Presents series is a close friend and long standing label affiliate Piotrek Kacprzak aka. BYLLY – the polish producer with enigmatic flavours.

We first met Piotrek, affectionately known as ‘Billy’ back in early 2015, when a few brief messages over Soundcloud sparked a long distance and long term working relationship.

In the early days of our project, we set about planning our second digital release ‘Parousia’ which also featured American producer Guise and Callum Plant, a producer based out of our home town of Manchester, UK and who has joined BYLLY on labels such as the UK based imprint DEAD CERT.

Masa was BYLLY’s first production to be included in an ABYSS release and since then he has gone on to contribute 3 other incredible originals on ABY003 – Confluence, ABY007 – Derivation and ABY009 – Demeanour respectively.

The first 2 of these 3 productions, Lost In the North Pole and Upał brought the wonky and melodic side of BYLLY to the forefront of his discography and showcased his ability to deliver killer sequential harmonics offset with trippy percussion.

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Followed in quick succession in February 2017, Symmetry graced our ninth digital release by bringing classic BYLLY flavour to a clearly defined body of creative works from 3 other ABYSS artists; A.Morgan, Keikari and Axling.

Outside of his productions featured on our imprint, BYLLY has curated an extensive discography that includes releases on La Chinerie, Bipolar Disorder, Strikt, Gynoid Audio and Counter Pulse.

Another staple of the mysterious yet specific profile of BYLLY are his DJ sets and performances which encompass a broad range of styles and influences, from the weird and wavey to the driven and percussive, as soon as a BYLLY set catches your ear, you’re hooked.

Performances for the Polish powerhouse are spread over several locations and venues including ​Griessmuehle, Berlin; Projekt LAB, Poland and for the ABYSS showcase at Petit Bain back in early 2018, courtesy of Liuban.

Majoritively though, BYLLY has made most of his contributions in this area in his home nation of Poland where there is a strong and intimate community supporting great Techno artists.

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By far the most valuable chapter of our joint story with BYLLY though, is the personal relationships we’ve made with him over the last 4 years. Since our first encounter, we’ve met with Piotrek twice outside of our respective home nations.

The first of these was a week long trip to Paris, where BYLLY stayed with us at an apartment in the 11th district also known as Phillipe Auguste. During this time we got to know Piotrek more and learned that we share a lot of the same creative disciplines and values which is evidenced in his work with Polish collective THE OTHER WAY.

This was followed in relatively quick succession by a second trip to Paris, for the first ABYSS showcase at Petit Bain hosted by the gracious hosts Liuban, a nightlife and festival collective based in the heart of the French capital.

Due largely to his continuous and unrivalled dedication to the industry, but also to his fortitude and self respect of his individuality, Piotrek is able to deliver time and time again under the arcane alias of BYLLY.

We are truly delighted to present our 25th instalment of the ABYSS Presents series, featuring one of our most notorious originators. Share in the vibe, dive into AP025 with BYLLY.

Listen to BYLLY’s ABYSS Presents mix below.