It’s the dawning of a new era for the ABYSS project.

Entering 2019 in full force with sights on inciting the perfect storm, comprised of a divine fusion between creativity and organisation that is depicted through a unique array of audiovisual content.


Curating and showcasing a broad range of content will be the ultimate focus for 2019, delivering another packed year of the ABYSS Presents | Mix Series in addition to several digital releases, 2 vinyl releases and the first edition of the stylised ABYSS | Artist Features beginning with Keikari in February.

The first instalment of the ABYSS Presents | Mix Series this year showcases the label’s team and their latest music projects Kander and Militiā under one roof with an extended 3 hour mix that crescendos from ambient textures and dystopian planes to raw pace.


Kander are reviving an old school, fast paced sound that is rapidly gaining notoriety throughout the Techno scene. Ravey synths and nippy 4 to the floor drums that drive with a tempo in excess of 140bpm, combining to create thumping energetic dance floor flavours.


Militiā is combining a fusion of broken, rhythmical and atmospheric sounds with a clear and signature style of percussive and transient depth in order to illicit a unique audio listening experience. Offsetting the cinematic side of his sound with pounding 4/4 rollers, Militiā is set to make his ABYSS debut later in 2019.