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Jack Vanstone

There’s a new ABYSS project that we’d like to share with you. Flying the flag for Europe’s finest artists and performers, our latest creative project: FRACTURE | Artist Management & Booking Agency showcases our experience in project management and organisation.

Representing a broad range of artists on a global scale, FRACTURE derives it’s formation from many of the same founding principles as the ABYSS brand, providing a seamless and fluid service for artists, promoters and event organisers from many of the world’s prime Techno locations.

Our initial focus is to bring fresh creative content through an unrivalled and defined aesthetic that is indicative of the quality of our latest brand, procuring a vast range of audiovisual substances and depicting a unique artistic vision.

Surplus to these initial aims we are also aiming to broaden the scope of our current influence on the scene through new project objectives and avenues including our FRACTURE | Mix Series, artist spotlights and European and international tours for our eclectic range of audiophiles and creators.

So far we’ve featured some amazing artists on the FRACTURE | Mix Series including Polish producer Larix, rising German talent Narciss, renowned Polish powerhouse Violent, the first ever artists to feature on our ABYSS Presents | Mix Series, Barcelona based duo project Memorial Home and long standing ABYSS artist, Kracht.

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Over the coming weeks we will be launching the project’s control panel which is at the heart of the FRACTURE project, the Fracture Agency website. Among common features such as the ability to browse our artist roster, request additional information and booking request functionality we have also developed custom artist and promoter dashboards.

Through these additional features our creators, affiliates and partners can login to view and manage existing bookings, download relevant documentation such as contracts and technical riders and view and update their account information.

With this addition we’re looking to capitalise on our internal organisation by demonstrating, in a tangible format, what our unique vision transpires into and how this is beneficial for both those who are directly involved in the FRACTURE project and the Techno community as a whole.

Individualism has always been a defining principle of ours for several reasons, but mainly due to the fact that redefining conventional means through distinctive conceptualisation enables us to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Via this new and deliberately defined venture, FRACTURE will deliver a booking experience like no other and an artist management service that oversees the planning, scheduling and acquisition of new opportunities for our artists and their expressive aliases.

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