Demo Guidelines

Please read the following information carefully.

We always like to hear new music, however we do ask that all demo submissions meet these requirements:


  • A description of yourself, alias and details about previous works and/or releases (already having a release is not a requirement);
  • Soundcloud or other streaming links only please, we do not accept demos as downloads (i.e SendSpace, Zippyshare etc);
  • Demos should be sent to;
  • Exclusive material only (the more personal, the better);
  • 4 track minimum (tracks don’t have to be part of a collective project i.e an EP);
  • Submissions should be relevant to our label, please ensure you have researched our project before contacting us;


If any of this information seems confusing or unfamiliar please contact us directly.

Please note that we cannot reply to all demo submissions at this time.